Natural Language interface for your app, chatbot or telephony

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All-in-one Bot framework

Let your app, chatbot or phone robot to talk with users

Understands flexible natural language and can build a conversation

Instead of simple "word presence" triggers

Can host your chatbot, so you don't need an external hosting or database anymore

Also provides REST API for existing apps and websites

Can execute your own code to make the bot more intelligent or call any external resources

Built-in expressions and Javascript

Extracts and stores general and custom entities from users answers

Learns more about end users to get the help they need

Collects and analyzes all conversations

Integrated with the widely used analytics tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel and others

Telephony friendly

Can robotize your call-center with ease
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Messengers, REST API and even Telephony

Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, Cisco Spark, WeChat, Telegram, Voximplant and Zendesk

Create your own chatbot for these channels without external hosting, databases and API implementation. With Zenbot you can even robotize your call-center and automate your support team.

How to start

Just create your Botscript and upload it here


Looks like AIML but much more powerful! Flexible pattern syntax, entity extraction, context management and more.


It is easy to make dialog branching and even "on-fly" conditions calculation and variables persistence.


You are not limited with built-in functions if you need some logic in your bot. Use JavaScript to make your bot more intelligent.

With Zenbot you don't have to learn any programming language or have skills in Artificial Intelligence. All you need is to know how the user would converse with your app or chat bot.

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Business bots for Facebook, Slack and Telegram

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Zenbot platform is free for non-commercial use

Would like to create a business bot?

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